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Keys To Selling Your Home Quickly

Posted on: Jan 20, 2022

Let’s be clear…it’s a great time to sell your home. Inventory is low, resulting in higher asking prices…and mortgage rates […]

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Another Reason To Stop Renting And Buy A House

Posted on: Jan 10, 2022

If you are a first time homebuyer or just thinking about getting back into the market after a brief hiatus, […]

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All Things New Will Soon Be Purple

Posted on: Jan 1, 2022

In ringing in the new year, we celebrate the past and make new goals for the future. We also welcome […]

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Homeowners Gained $56,700 in Equity on Average

Posted on: Dec 23, 2021

While it can be overlooked often times, a homeowner’s equity helps build long-term wealth over time. So, as home values […]

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How To Keep Your Roof in Top Shape

Posted on: Dec 16, 2021

The roof is one of the most important parts of any house. It serves as a barrier against hail, ice, […]

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First Home Buying Tips

Posted on: Dec 9, 2021

It’s an adventure when you’re ready to go house hunting. It’s even more exciting when you are ready to search […]

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Some Holiday Lighting Tips

Posted on: Nov 29, 2021

Holiday lights undoubtedly keep the season (and spirits) merry and bright through the beginning of the new year—it’s extra cheer […]

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Budgeting Time and Money Wisely When Renovating Your Home

Posted on: Nov 19, 2021

In the current sellers’ market, many homeowners wonder what, if anything, needs to be remodeled before they list their house. […]

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Home Prices Keep Rising

Posted on: Nov 12, 2021

The median home price for single-family properties and condos has increased to $294,488. And since the pandemic hit in March […]

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Things To Keep In Mind When Making An Offer On A Home

Posted on: Nov 5, 2021

When it comes to buying a house, you’re looking for the perfect place to call home. The problem is, in […]

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Pros & Cons Of Building Your Own Home

Posted on: Oct 28, 2021

Building a brand-new home may sound like a dream come true. You get to choose the ideal layout for your […]

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Things To Look Out For When Buying An Older Home

Posted on: Oct 21, 2021

Are you planning to purchase an old home? Old houses tend to cost less than modern builds. Additionally, if you’re […]

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